Dec 27, 2008


The Queensberry Christmas party is held at a family friend's red barn. We meet together and eat delicious food that consist of meatballs, egg nog, Virginia honey baked ham, sunshine potatoes, relish plates, Neils Christmas delight, pineapple cheese ball, baked beans and much much more. After we eat until we are stuffed we start the ever popular program portion of the night. Each family comes prepared to sing a Christmas song to the group. This is always pretty funny because we usually get pretty creative. The nativity comes next. Instead of dressing up the kids bring in pieces of a wooden nativity while the story is being read. Gifts are exchanged and wonderful memories are made. Thanks mom for the hard work that you put into making this party a success. Aliza reciting the "Night Before Christmas."

Journey was in charge of what song that we sang this year. She learned it in school and taught us. It is the Hawaiian version of the "12 days of Christmas."

The Hopkins singing the Charlie Brown version of "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
Neil you make a wonderful Linus.

Mrs. Clause made an appearance to our Christmas party and read "Yes ,Virginia there is a Santa"

Time for the Nativity

Afton and Shane reading the Christmas story

The kids getting ready for the Nativity

Aren't they cute.

This was one of the funniest parts of the night. Mckray is a die hard BYU fan and my brother loves to tease him about how BYU sucks and how the Utes are the best; it just makes Mckray so mad. Well my Mom bought both of them rival shirts and made them wear them for the rest of the party. It was so funny.

We are so grateful for family.


Sweet Caroline said...

Ahhh yes...the only other person I know that has a Virginia Christmas! Again, thanks for sharing as I missed my "Williamsburg" Christmas in Vegas this year.

(go Utes!)

Sandra said...

I think I need to see that Hawaiian 12 days of Christmas song. Can I get some video footage? Or should I just come by the house some time? Sounds fantastic. Can I just say that your life is one big party after another. It's awesome. Much love and Merry Christmas.