Jan 27, 2011


packers vs. steelers
packers all the way baby!!!

Jan 24, 2011

martin luther king jr.
weekend of fun
the weekend started off with dinner at wallaby's
good eats mate!

next stop
the hopkins for a fun sleep over and many more activities
we played around the world ping pong till 2:00 a.m
we couldn't stop
we just wanted to play one...more...round
we finally decided that we would place a little wager
we all fought to the death
and tried our hardest 
regan won the grand prize of 10 big ones
eric took 2nd and received two coupons for free tacos
bob placed an impressive 3rd place
and received a handy dandy pen

we ate some really good food. my sister is a fantastic cook and my girls love to be in the kitchen and learn all they can from her. thanks karen,you are always such a great hostess.

we played guesstures

after a couple of days living in our p.js, no make, no showers
who had time to shower?
way too many games to play 
football to watch
 food to eat  
we were getting a lil cabin fever
we headed up to salt lake
to see some sights and
to ice skate

can you believe bridgers luck?
while walking down the streets in salt lake he found
a coupon for a free taco
alllllll righhhhhhht!

living the dream

Jan 18, 2011

what makes me happy
*collecting vintage board games
*playing said vintage games with my littles and my bigs
*the weekends
*lean mean sobe
*the winter sun warming things up
*being outside
*hangin with the family
im a simple girl
what can i say
life is good
im happy

Jan 11, 2011

everyone in mr. smarty pants school had to take the state geography test. He placed 3rd in his grade and walked away with a cash prize of a whopping 15 bucks.
bridger has always been really good at geography
at a young age he would "play" more with the globe then he would with his toys.
bridger would study the globe for what seemed like hours
he would say things like
mom, ask me where madagascar is?
mom, ask me where france is?
mom, ask me england is?
mom, ask me where japan is?
it would NEVER stop.
looks like all that "playing" paid off.
he can thank his father for his smarts
they have the smarts
i have the street cred.
winning combo eh?

Jan 7, 2011

is there toilet paper in the outside fridge?
no one will confess
how does one do this?
this kind of behavior goes on ALL the time at my house
i will find cereal in the fridge and milk in the pantry?!?!?
does this kind of craziness go on in anybody else's house
or am i the only one?
please tell me i'm not the only one.....please!!!

Jan 5, 2011

525,600 minutes in a year
goodbye 2010 and hello 2011
we made the most of the final few hundred
minutes of 2010 with a Palfrey/Hopkins party!! 
We played 6 minute to win it games in 120 minutes. the final 10 minutes of 2010 were spent watching seacrest and dick clark drop the ball. Then the next twenty minutes consisted of much noise making, pan clanging, pot banging, merry making, toasting, kissing and other such razzle dazzle!!!!!
 we hope to continue to enjoy as many minutes of this coming year as we can.
  worry less and live more