Dec 22, 2008


The Nativity

Chance and Blythe as Mary and Joseph

Mckray as a Shepard

Oakley, Journey and Tymbre as Angels

Bridger, Coy and Sawyer as The 3 Wise Men
Dutch as the Innkeeper

These kids are pretty crazy and wild when they get together but I am always amazed at how reverent and respectful they are while doing each important part. I love the spirit it brings to the party.


Sweet Caroline said... looks like Journey is flying!

Um...would you tell Coy I need my robe back? :)

Sorry...that was completely disrespectful/unacceptable/so not right.

Please have it washed and ironed. Thank you.

craig and jill said...

This is so fun! Our family does this to on Christmas eve, and you are so right, it is crazy how they just settle down and play the parts perfectly.