Sep 29, 2010

 a field trip
i love hangin with my lil juju
she is a hoot
we walked the provo trail
went to the bean museum
acted awfully nutty on the bus
great day with my girl

pics of us on the bus

Sep 27, 2010

this weekend was all about my momma
we ate all her favorite foods
sloppy joes, hoe cakes and soppin' chocolate, tomatoes and egg gravy and skillet cake
we made butter
and had a watermelon bust
we watched one of her favorite movies
"return to me"
we had all her favorite candies from her childhood
cow tails, orange slices, circus peanuts, butterscotch pieces, mary janes and  horehound sticks
she had to answer questions from the "getting to know you jar"
questions like: when was your first kiss?
did you get good grades?
favorite birthday memory?
we learned lots!!!
we played games like
if you love me baby smile
the oink game
butt darts
workin' on the farm relay
all of us shared special memories of her
this was a really touching part of the weekend
its not something we do enough and frankly, it was long over due... love you momma
we all worked hard to make you feel our love
hope your 70th birthday will be one you remember forever
you are loved
thanks to my brother and sister for helping pull off a fantastic birthday weekend

turn the tunes on the sidebar off
so you can enjoy the video

Sep 17, 2010

happy 70th birthday momma
love you with all of my heart

Sep 13, 2010

(striking a pose with lorenzo snow)
aubrey came home for labor day weekend.
we made homemade pizza, played games and relaxed
on monday we drove her back down to school
she gave the lils a tour of her apartment
a tour of her campus
bridger thinks aubrey is crazy for attending such a small college
he wants to go to a BIG college FAR away
guess we will have to wait and see if that actually happens
snow college fits aubrey
i think its a perfect match for her.
 i don't normally wish that i could go back in time
but whenever we take her back to school
i find myself wishing that i was young again
and in college
living a carefree life
oh, to be young again

Sep 10, 2010

da hood

we live in a great neighborhood
with tons and tons of kids
when back to school time rolls around
this cool neighborhood has a
back to school ice cream bash
the chitlins love this tradition
my cute friend jill puts this rad bash together every year
jill is the queen of party planning
jill is the queen of da hood
thanks again

Sep 8, 2010

these two brothers are very different in personality and
 in their  likes and dislikes
bridger is
 very intellectual and artsy
he is a deep thinker
he has always ask lots of questions
that i rarely have an answer for
he enjoys reading
and has a passion for all music
he plays the viola, piano and guitar
he has stepped into the role of "oldest" rather nicely since aubrey is now away at college
he is really good to help mckray with his reading
because lets face it
i can't do it all
im thankful for his help with cooking ( he is a really great cook)
 and helping with the lils
mckray is
a lover of life
he loves sports and was able to hit a golf ball at a very young age
he likes to be outside
all the time
rain or shine
he quickly does whatever you ask him to do
he loves legos
he is super good at math
he usually always has a good attitude
he struggles with reading due to his hearing loss
it is very challenging for him
he can't hear blends like
th,sh, s or z's
he is a hard worker
it makes my heart melt when i walk into his room and see these two
brothers that are 4 years apart
reading together
playing together
they are each others best friends
and that makes this mom
very happy


Sep 6, 2010

passion for fashion
journey has always loved to dress up and create and draw fashion designs
she has notebooks  filled with all of her sketches
her favorite show is project runway
she loves to go to her grandmas
 pull out tons and tons of fabric and create cool stuff
she thinks it so awesome that grandma has a mannequin that she can dress
she will do this for hours and hours
not bad for a 9yr. old eh?

Sep 2, 2010


* good food
*door prizes
*water balloon volleyball and water balloon toss
*cotton candy
* beautiful tribute to delna, brown and uncle bob
* missed seeing aunt bernetta due to back surgery
*thanks clyde,cheryl and andraya