Mar 29, 2011

Little Wild Horse Canyon Trip

Took a trip to the San Rafael Reef with my Dad, Brothers and some of the kids.  I have wanted to hike this canyon for some time now, and finally got down to do it.  Little Wild Horse did not disappoint,  what a beautiful and amazing canyon.  We camped over on a Friday night and woke up to do the 8 mile loop up Little Wild Horse and down Bell canyon.  This was Grandpa Clark's longest trek since having both knees replaced a little over a year ago, way to go Dad!!!    After the hike, we made a quick stop at Goblin Valley and headed home.  We finished the trip planning our next adventure down to explore one of the other nearby canyons.

Mar 16, 2011


you see, we are obsessed with the show diners drive ins and dives and they featured a lil diner in salt lake called the blue plate diner about a year ago and we have been dying to try it.
yesterday we decided to check the place out and let me tell you it did not disappoint. 
the food, atmosphere and everything was spot on.
check it out if you haven't already.

we started with the hummus platter: really good
we love hummus
if you don't like hummus you wont like it. tee hee
regan got the corned beef hash breakfast
i had the blt with avocado
and steak fries
very very good
they don't scrimp on the helpings either
so next time 
 we go again
 we will defiantly share.

after the blue plate we headed to park city to go to the vans store so i could get some news shoes.
i remember getting my first pair when i was in the 6th grade.
they were white and red lace up ones
i loved those shoes.
still love vans.
after we shopped i took all these pictures
while the driving down the canyon.
good day!
have i mentioned how i am loving this weather?

Mar 14, 2011

 its spring.
  thought i would never see you again my friend

i really really struggle with getting the blahs during the winter months.
 so, when the sun finally comes out, i like to jump in my car with the windows down, hair blowin in the breeze, ipod blaring fantastic tunes and just drive!
 these drives really clear my mind and  help rejuvenate me.
what helps you clear your mind and rejuvenates you?
here are some shots i took while enjoying this delicious weather.

Mar 11, 2011

ridin high
these two have been spending a lot of time at the pasture brushing the horses and going on LONG rides in the sunshine. no matter how long the ride, it never seems long enough for journey. 
love my beautiful and free spirited horse lovin girl.

Mar 9, 2011

my boys
i have some really good, sweet and talented boys.
they are like night and day in personality and with their likes and dislikes
but they love this momma perfectly.
  when they give me a hug
 when they whisper "love ya mom" as they are  heading off to bed. 
these are the moments that i cherish the most and these are the
moments that melt my heart.
bridger graced us with his talent the other night with a concert in the living room.
the boy can play the viola!
mckray was jimmy carter for the 5th grade presidents day program.
he memorized all his lines perfectly.
he doesn't look very much like jimmy carter,
more like one of the guys from mumford and sons.
tee hee
he is one handsome lil man.

if you haven't kissed your momma today
then go and do it
it will make her day

Mar 7, 2011

i was given a gift certificate for a pedicure 6 months ago and for the life or me i don't know why it took me so long to use it. I love getting getting my feet rubbed and  massaged and having my toes painted. my feet are pretty ticklish so i giggle through most of the pedicure which makes the cute lil chinese lady  rubbing my feet giggle too.
I was thrilled that aubrey came with having her home again. we have been spending a lot of time together and i cant think of anyone else that i would rather hang with. she is one of the funniest, coolest, sweetest girls that i know. its pretty fun to have your 19 yr. old daughter become one of your best friends. 

Mar 2, 2011

night on the town
for the weekend we went up to Salt Lake with my sister and her husband. We ate at the roof (the view was incredible) and went to a classical guitar concert. It was really good. I loved it a lot. I LOVE all kinds of music. love to go to concerts, listen to music the second i wake up. listen to it in my car, listen to it while i'm at work, when i come home, while i'm cleaning the house, making dinner, i even have to drift off to sleep listening to music. cant seem to get enough.
 fun night.
i really must get out more.