Dec 31, 2010

happy 39th birthday to my man
i ask regan what he wanted  for his b-day and he quickly said
  "i want YOU.............and i wanna go to true grit."
 i aim to please so i  gave him myself all wrapped up in a pretty bow
(sorry, no pictures of that)
took him to true grit
well, rewind that
true grit first
me in a pretty bow later
we met my sister and her hubby
afton and jess
after regan got off from work
after the show we stopped at 5 guys
then to farr's ice cream
and can i just say that the dole pineapple is DE-VINE
me and lova shared and
i have been craving it ever since.
this next part is just for you honey:
if your wandering ever leads you
to a place you don't know which road to choose
leave your worries behind
take the road that leads to mine
and i'll be waiting there for you.
if your dreaming ever wakes you
and you find your dreaming wasn't true
wipe the sleep from your eyes
leave the nightmares behind
and i'll dream a better dream for you.
if your fortune ever fails you
and you're down without a dime to see you through
there's still luck that you can find
you can have a piece of mine
yeah,, i'll make a wish for you.

all my love
 i give to you

Dec 29, 2010

christmas day.........
was mostly spent
rockin around the christmas tree
to our new favorite wii game
just dance 2
it is much..... fun
we are addicted

Dec 27, 2010

christmas parties
family traditions
 tons of fun
palfreyman party

queensberry party

Dec 22, 2010

love this time of year when we load the whole family including granny queenie in the car and head out to see the city lights.
we get pretty excited about this tradition
as you can plainly see by the pictures.

bridger and i getting a little carried away in the back seat
guess its just all that christmas spirit and christmas cheer

Dec 17, 2010

serious talent
bridger had his annual orchestra concert the other night. he is in the advanced class and just kicks some serious butt on the viola.
 it was a crazy day of running errands and regans work christmas party so i forgot my camera... BUMMER!! hate when i do that. oh well, at least i got one of him when we got home.
the orchestra played the following pieces
*journey of the magi
*christmas carol suite
and my favorite
*wizards in winter
wow!!! they did a  fantastic job. i was in awe....for real
and in other news
he tried out for fiddler on the roof and made the part of  fyedka
congrats bridger on getting the part that you wanted
you deserve every good thing that comes your way
your good looking
very smart
well liked
and oober talented

Dec 15, 2010

gingerbread houses
well, more like graham cracker houses.
notice the dividing of the sexes...boys table and girls table
they do this every year.
girls RULE of course!!!! 

grandma making the frosting while regan stands around looking a little dazed. he just got done working a 12 hr. day at the hospital.
finished products
(sorry aubrey no picture of your awesome house
the picture was too blurry.)

the whole gang
love family and love tradition

Dec 13, 2010

Dec 9, 2010

 young love
the other day journey came home  from school singing, dancing and yelling at the top of her lungs "mathew likes me, he likes me, he really, really likes me." "Look, mom and dad he gave me a kitkat and told me that he liked me." to which regan replied. "wow journey, your really excited aren't you?" to which journey replied "well dad wouldn't you be excited if mom liked you?"