Dec 20, 2008


There Will Come A Christmas
By: Bridger
(with apologizes to Sarah Teasdale)
There will come a Christmas, when no one can buy
And yet not one shall even cry
And the meaning of Christmas will be realized
And the spirit of Christmas shall be revived
For it's not the things we get that counts
No, its giving in large or small amounts
Not one would mind if they got one gift
No, not one would think to throw a fit
And all shall gather and be happy and sing
And that would mean just everything
So when it comes to that special date
Give, give, give before it's too late


Sweet Caroline said...

Oh my gosh..this is beautiful! Can I post this on my blog? My address is 2661 Glenmore Street. Ferndale, WA 98248

mena said...

Sure ya can. thanks for the address!! Merry Christmas

Chalan said...

Wow, Impressive Bridger!!