Dec 8, 2008


We got our Christmas gift from granny and grandpa Palfreyman early this year. They took the whole family to the "Polar Express" in Heber. When we boarded the train we were met by elves that served us hot chocolate and cookies made by Mrs. Clause. She and Santa made an appearance and Santa passed out bells to everyone. The little kids even ask Santa for his autograph. The conductor came around and punched the train tickets. The elves played games and we all sang Christmas carols before we made it to the "North Pole."( Journey wasn't buying it for one moment that we really went to the North Pole. )Thank you granny and grandpa for the fun and magical night. It is one that the kids will not soon forget.
All Aboarrrrrd.

Granny and Grandpa snuggling up on the train.

The conductor.

Bridger flirting with "Twix" the cute elf.

Aubrey do you BELIEVE?


Mckray kept asking me if I could hear the bell?
Yes, Mckray I still do.

Santa and the littles.
In 17 days the jolly old elf is coming!!!


Emilee said...

It was a super fun train ride. It was nice of Journey to share her seat with my kids. I loved that she got Santa's autograph. Super cute. You have such great kids!

Shaun and April said...

17 days? Don't remind me... I feel like I can't even think about it until I am finished next week and then I will only have 10 days to do it all... We will survive this right??

Sweet Caroline said...

Looks like so much fun...I can't believe I never went. Such a cute family!

Keri Glazier said...

So your blog is making me cry! I still believe!!! Love it and love you! Keri

craig and jill said...

This is so much fun! What a magical night.