Dec 10, 2008


My 2nd cousin John Lucas who is from Virginia received his mission call to Salt Lake City. All the family that lives here came to a farewell party at Tiffany's house. Thanks Tiff for the good southern hospitality. Good luck John Lucas on your mission. We all know that you will do great. Make us proud
Brittany, Aubrey, John Lucas, Rob, Neil

My Aunt Gladys and Uncle Keith

The jolly green giant.

Tiff your house is beautiful and you are the perfect host. I am looking forward to the next get together!! I am so happy that you live here. I love my cute southern family!!!


Tiffany Gerardi said...

Thanks!!! I'm so excited that we made your blog! Thanks so much for coming really was a lot of fun! Tiff

Sweet Caroline said...

Oh my gosh...the picture with the dog and the hat!!! LOL!! LOL!!! LOL!!!