Dec 14, 2008


It was Preference for Aubrey last night. She looked so beautiful and OLD. I love you so much and I'm glad that the snow storm didn't ruin your big night.
Lydia and Aubrey.

This is Josh. He and Aubrey have been really good friends since the 5th grade.
You two are adorable!!!

Lydia, Cody, Josh, Aubrey

The other girl in the group hit a telephone pole on the way to pick up her date and couldn't make pictures at our house or go to dinner. Kelsey we are so glad that you are o.k. I'm glad that you still made it to the dance and the after party.
Aubrey, your dad and I are glad everyone made it home safe and sound because it was a very cold and very blustery evening.


Tahsha said...

So pretty!! Aubrey, your dress turned out great!!

Emilee said...

High school dances are so much fun! Aubrey you look fantastic. I love your dress.

Sweet Caroline said...

Oh my sounds like the weather was horrible. You would never guess with that happy, beautiful look of your daughter. Aubrey: Good friend or not: he is hot! (Good job) wink. wink.

craig and jill said...

These pictures are so amazing. She is so beautiful. She is growing up so fast.