Aug 30, 2010

college bound
we took aubrey down to college a week ago.
seeing aubrey say goodbye with her brothers and sister was hard and very touching.
it was nice to see the love that they have for each other,
sometimes i wonder if they even like each other what with all the fighting that goes on between them sometimes.
after the goodbyes were said regan, aubrey and i got in the car and started the drive.
none of us said very much for awhile....i think we were all processing what was REALLY going on.
we were all pretty nervous
once we got to the school the unpacking began and let me tell you aubrey brought WAY too much..tee hee.
aubrey has an enormous amount of clothes and it wasn't going to all fit in the closet.
gotta love girls and clothes.
we ended up bringing a good portion of it back with us.
after we got her settled
got her room decorated
it was time to say our good byes.
to my surprise it wasn't as hard as i had imagined.
i was happy for her
i was excited for her to have this really neat experience
i was really proud and happy
i didn't cry at all
this is a rare thing for me
i am a real cry-er
aubrey is a cry-er too
(she got this from me....poor kid)
but she didn't cry either
we both must be growing up
life around here will be different without aubrey
thank goodness for
text messaging

aubrey and the family at her going away bbq

the silly siblings

her cute room

as we were gettin in our car to leave
aubrey got in a truck with 2 guys
and took off
oh boy!!!!!!
college life

Aug 26, 2010

JOURNEY wanted a small party with just a few of her friends.
the mall is where all the partying took place
i gave them each a little money and told them to have fun
then the shopping spree started
juju bought
zebra striped press on nails
huge sunglasses
after they shopped till they dropped
we went to
sweet tooth fairy
for some birthday cupcakes
you are sweet
super funny
you are one of a kind
birthday photo shoot

the party

the friends

Aug 24, 2010

back to school
new clothes
new shoes
new attitudes
for a new school year

pics of aubs going off to college coming soon

Aug 22, 2010

a trip
we took the kids to the cabin and to park city for a family get away
before aubrey heads off to college.
it's a total trip to think that reg and i have a kid that is this old.
with margarita's in hand
we all made a toast to aubrey

me and aub
im going to miss my partner in crime

regan got locked in the bathroom
i thought we would all pee our pants from laughing so hard.
he couldn't get out
one of the waitresses walked by and ask what we were doing
and we told her that he was locked in.
she said she would get her manager.
we were rolling with laughter by now
the manager came and was surprised to see a grown man coming out of the bathroom
he assumed that it was a kid locked in
the look on regans face was priceless when he finally got out

the kids

pretty soon it will just be me and this guy
kids grow up super fast

Aug 16, 2010


Mckray is obsessed with the show MAN VS. FOOD on the travel channel. The other night as we stopped off at the grocery store for a treat BIG MACK spotted this TEXAS DONUT and the challenge was thrown down. Could he eat this mammoth sized ring of chocolate goodness in 15 minutes?

Now that is what you call a GAME FACE!!

Early on in the competition Kray was taking it to the Donut with large delicious bites.
A quick drink of milk between rounds while the bruised donut rests against the ropes,

The donut half eaten , things are looking good for the BOY!!

but then DONUT comes out swingin' with vicious blows

With four big chunks left Mckray's stomach says he's through. Although he wants to continue the body says no more...

The scavengers clean up what is left of the donut!!

DISCLAIMER: This challenge was spur of the moment and Mckray had just eaten dinner and some cake at a wedding reception. With proper preparation he feels like he could take this donut down no problem.... stay tuned for a rematch

Aug 7, 2010


nothing great was ever achieved without ENTHUSIASM.
ralph waldo emerson

mckray lives each day with much enthusiasm
he is a lover of life
loves football
its going to be a great season

Aug 4, 2010

reg took his vacation time last week
funds have been a lil low
we just did a few activities around town
aub missed out because she went down to st. george for a job.
bridger missed out on some of the fun cause
he is a teenager.
nuf said!!
he did come around
and participate in a few of the activities
that made this momma happy
you gotta LOVE the teenage years
first, we loaded up the canoe and headed for the pond

big mac daddy
feeding the fish

then the rain started
we have had a hard time getting the canoe in the water
every time we do it starts to rain.....HARD

reg and bridger picking up the lils before the lightning started.

it dumped tons o water on us
lightning and thunder followed
we were pretty bummed out

hiking the Y
it was super hot even with the sun hiding behind the clouds most of the day

journey and mckray were the only ones that came on the hike
with us.
they are tough lil guys

juju and i stopping for a photo
im a big hot sweaty mess

when we reached the top we had a snack
granola bars
fruit roll ups
and mckrays favorite.....lil weinies
he calls them "heaven in a can"
i call them disgusting!!!
like father like son

another reason your mom tells you to wear clean underwear....or just underwear for that matter
as juju was sliding down the Y
she got a hole in her pants
she wasn't wearing any underwear
we had a lil conversation that went something like this before we left
juju: hey, mom i don't have any clean underwear
me: yes, you do. i just washed some, they are on the dryer
juju: o.k
needless to say, she never made it to the laundry room
so she decided to go commando for hells sake
oh boy!!!
what can you do?
nothing but just laugh
luckily we had a fanny pack
to cover her fanny

after the hike
we headed over to fat cats to play a couple of games
did you know that kids bowl free during the summer??
super cool
lane 19 was where all the sweet bowling action was


guess the old man still has the moves...tee hee

who knew he was this flexible

i am feeling sad that summer is coming to an end
i love summer!!!!
im not going to think about it
we are just gonna continue to have as much fun as we can
before schools starts