Dec 30, 2008


On Christmas Eve we go to the Preston party. We eat, visit, laugh, have some sort of program, exchange presents with great grandpa and just enjoy being together. This year there were 80 people there!!!! It is so fun to come from a BIG family. The highlight of the party for me was when great grandpa shared his testimony to all of the family. He told everyone how he had a testimony that families can be together forever and it really touched us all. I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. Grandpa is so special to me and has always loved me and included me in the family and has thought of me as one of his own and he will never know what that means to me. Thanks mom and dad and my brother and sisters for loving our family and always including us. We love you all!!!
Journey as the angel.

Mckray as the Shepard.

My other parents and me.

Aubrey giving grandpa a kiss for Christmas.

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Shaun and April said...

Such a cute picture of you and Grandpa. I am tearing up. Love ya Mean