Dec 17, 2008


It isn't Christmas unless we make gingerbread houses and go through the Festival of lights.
No hayrides through the lights this year because it was tooo cold. We were a little bummed about it but we just piled into two cars and away we went.

Regan and Juju are getting ready to create a masterpiece.

Bridger's creation.

The gang getting busy.

Aliza's nightmare before Christmas house.

Kirstynn, Kyler and Aubrey making Santa's car and an outhouse. Leave it to these guys to be thoughtful enough to have an outhouse ready for santa when he needs to do his business.

Mckray is usually the most competitive but not this year. He just went to work on his house and didn't talk alot of trash talk.

Speaking of trash, Journey decided to make a junkyard house this year.
Way to go Juju for thinking outside the box. Very creative young one.

The whole crazy, gingerbread making, silly, fun loving bunch.


Emilee said...

I love the gingerbread houses. Very cute. I didn't see yours??? By the way does your family have the game "The Settlers of Catan?"

mena said...

No,we do not have that game. Why do you ask? I made a house but felt like I had too many pictures so i didn't put it on.

Chalan said...

Looks like you guys having been having a fun holiday season. cute gingerbread houses!! looks like Aubrey had fun at Preference. Love all the photos! :)

Sweet Caroline said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the light show in annual tradition I even did when I lived in Vegas and CA. First year I am missing it! So, it was nice to see the lights via cyberspace! LOVE LOVE Journey's junk yard. That is priceless