Nov 30, 2010

a very happy turkey day............
i love thanksgiving.
i love that is is just a chill holiday spent with family
eating and playing and relaxing.
we had thanksgiving this year at my moms
and boy do we know how to put on a feast 
we always make WAY too much food.
oh well, that just means more leftovers and
who can complain with thanksgiving leftovers?
i am the pie maker in my family
i made
punkin,nana cream,coconut cream and choc.
all from scratch.
i also made a yam apple casserole that i learned how to make while living with regans grandma palfreyman's.
i am grateful for my family, good  friends, life and good music
i am also learning to love cute lil nephew that is serving a mission in virginia wrote a letter saying that he is learning to love opposition and it really hit me hard. so i too will be following his example of learning to love opposition and learn to love whereever i am good or bad.
i am thankful for more than this
this is just the short list :)
hope your thanksgiving was as good as ours.

Nov 16, 2010

thankful for these cute  ya-hoos that bring such joy to my life......most of the time :)

Nov 12, 2010

dinner conversation
i love to cook dinner and have the whole family sit down and eat together.
at our house we go around the table and tell something good that happened on that day
i love this time day and i love that we are finally slowing down enough to REALLY listen to each other
and to reconnect.
most of the time we are pretty well behaved......(yeah right, who am i kidding) 
 but the other night this was how the conversation went
journey: "ugh, mckray got his spit germs all over that."
bridger: "well, you have butt germs in your mouth juju."
mckray chimes in and says well, i farted on your potato bridger."
hows that for classy??

Nov 10, 2010

a birthday..........
 just isn't complete until you have tried a mickey d's mcrib for the first time
or getting to go to nickle city and play thousands of the games
and win like a gazillion tickets so you can get super cool prizes
or play lazer tag
kick everybodys butt doing it
turning 11 is pretty rad!!!

Nov 8, 2010

a stroll in the autumn sunshine

Nov 5, 2010

sometimes when a girl goes off to college she is sooo happy to be on her own
sometimes she really misses home
sometimes she is having the time of her life
sometimes she's not
sometimes she loves boys
sometimes she hates them
sometimes she's getting along with all her roommates
sometimes she's not
sometimes she wants to be the life of the party
sometimes she just wants to be alone
sometimes she wants to forgive everyone
sometimes she doesn't want to  forgive anyone
sometimes everything is going right
sometimes everything is crashing down on her
sometimes a MOM knows these things about her daughter
sometimes she doesn't
sometimes a girl just needs her best friend and mom to drive to school and take her for a shake
and let her vent
sometimes she has to do things on her own without her milkshake to make it better
sometimes she wants to share almost everything with me
sometimes she doesn't want to share anything with  me
sometimes im o.k with her not sharing stuff with me
sometimes that makes me sad
sometimes i say the right thing
sometimes i don't
when she needs me i will ALWAYS be here for her
i am proud of who she is becoming
i am proud of where she is going
and proud of the great choices that she is making.....on her own.
I am so thankful that she is mine and that i am lucky enough to be a part of her fantastic life.
i am one lucky momma.
i love you aubrey........ ALWAYS!!!

Nov 3, 2010

not the greatest lighting
bridger, following in the footsteps of his big sister aubrey, joined the Shakespeare team at his jr. high. 
they performed a mid summer's night dream this year
with bridger playing the part of Demetrius
they worked hard during the summer and at the beginning of this school year
so they could compete
at the Shakespearean festival in cedar city with 100 other jr. high schools
which is kind of a big deal.
regan and i wanted to go down and watch them perform but bridger said  "NO WAY"
guess he is a little embarrassed of the good ol' parents
good thing they had a parents night at the school so that we could watch

great work bridger
you are an awesome
well rounded teenager

Nov 1, 2010

bridger: link from legend of zelda
thanks granny q. for making his costume you did a boo-rific job
journey: 70's girl,  bow- chicka-wow-wow
mckray: skater/punk dude
aubrey: lady gaga
mena: homeless girl
regan: homeless guy

the weather played quit the "trick" on us with
crazy hail, rain and lighting

some super kind people let us come in from the cold and freezing rain 
and  fed us warm soup.

couldn't believe that i actually ran into obama.