Oct 14, 2011

beach cruiser
journey earned half the money to get some new wheels
pretty cute new bike.
pretty cute kid.

Oct 11, 2011


the other day me and the mac man played some hoops together
we played
 around the world.
i kicked his trash in horse
he kicked my trash in around the world
then we went and got a coke
and talked about life.
we both are happy
and life is good
life isn't  perfect

Oct 7, 2011

pure happiness
journey has wanted a horse of her own for basically her entire life
she has prayed for
that she would get one.
  the planets must have been aligned just right
or some divine intervention was going on
or maybe both
cause she FINALLY got one for her birthday.
she cried like a baby and just hugged the horse when she got it.
she was in major shock
she was in HEAVEN!!
he is a paint and journey named him
and they are both in love with each other

wishes do come true!!

Oct 5, 2011

autumn stroll
a grumpy tree troll

journey and me took a lil hike up maple mountain
she is a fun lil chic to hang with

juju eating elderberries for the first time
she thought they were a lil sour.... but good

 the grumpy tree troll
super rad eh?

Oct 3, 2011

so good they will make you wanna slap yo momma.

in other news
missy cat had 3 kittens
oh goody!