Jul 14, 2008


We decided that is was way too hot to cook dinner so we headed up the canyon to roast some hot dogs and have some fun. We went to Maple Lake and had a splendid time together. Aubrey was absent due to the fact that she had a 4 day 24/7 babysitting job making serious bank.

Bridger was our fire starter. He did a fantastic job!!

We heard an owl hooting in the trees and were trying to get the boys to hear it. Both of our boys are hearing impaired and wear hearing aides but neither of them had them in. Bridger actually heard it but Mckray couldn't and after awhile some cows came into our camp and started mooing really loud and he didn't see them and started yelling "Mom, Dad I hear the owl." Oh we laughed pretty hard at that because you can either laugh about it or cry. What a cute little boy.


Emilee said...

I love that top picture. Beautiful!
Cute story about Mckray.

Chalan said...

Fun times! You guys are impressive, I was telling Ryan I am so impressed with all your outdoor fun, we need to do more of that. Being outdoors is theraputic. As always, love the photos!

Caleb said...

Maple Lake? It looks a lot different since the last time I've been there. It must be a different Maple Lake, not the one behind Maple Mountain. Looks fun.