Jul 26, 2008


We had a couple free hours so we gathered up the kids and a few friends and headed off to the pond.

Crazy, Crazy best freinds!!!

Who are these kids parents?


Bridger was dead set against jumping off until his parents BRIBED him with a
subscription to his favorite on-line game.( I know, I know not exactly by the book parenting).

Once he made up his mind he was up on the rail and off he went. He jumped so quick we barely caught him going into the water on the video.

Bridger's look of satisfaction after completing the jump was awesome!!

Mckray wanted to try the bridge but we decided the dock was a better idea!

It was a beautiful day!!


Caleb said...

Hey, that looks fun! Jumping off bridges when there are signs explicitly telling you not to. I'm going to start calling you the outlaws.

Mena, I was just looking at the books your reading. Are you still readings "Ender's Game"? Difficult to finish?

mena said...

Caleb, No I finished it and really liked it. I need to update my bookshelf because I also finished geisha. Any ideas on what I could read next?

Shaun and April said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry I didn't tell you on the actual day. Getting ready for girls camp so it's been crazy. Hope your day was great. Love ya. Ape

Emilee said...

Hey Mena,
I am reading Kite Runner right now. It is pretty intense. I am not sure if it is your taste or not, but it is definately a book you can't stop thinking about when you are reading it.
The bridge jumping looks like a great way to spend a couple of hours.
Who are their parents? Definately a bunch of fun-loving folks.

Emilee said...

I should warn you about the book though. It is sad. So, you won't like it unless you can handle sad books.