Jul 5, 2008


Our 4th of July celebration started early. We went to the Owlz game on Thursday night. Juju and Mckray both got balls from the first base coach which was the highlight of the night for them. They followed the game with a fireworks display that was really quit good.For well over 10 years we have woke up at 5:00 a.m on the 4th to make it to the hot air balloon festival. It is always a great way to kick off the day. After the balloons we meet for breakfast with the Palfreyman clan and my sister and her family tagged along.
You can't beat a Cracker Barrel breakfast. We headed up to the cabin later in the day and picked up some fireworks and lit them off in a nearby parking lot. Grandma and Grandpa Palfreyman got in on the action. My sister and her family went to the Stadium of Fire where Hannah Montana was singing and Juju loves her so they called her and let her listen to some of the concert. She started crying after the call because she couldn't believe that she had just heard Hannah Montana on the phone. Pretty cute girl!!!!
On the way home from the cabin there was a brief delay coming down the canyon. We later found out that a small grass fire had caused the holdup. Hurray to the fireman who put it out rather quickly!


Gubba said...

What a fun couple of days. You just don't stop girl!!

Emilee said...

What a great day. I wish we could have been there.

Chalan said...

Looks like you had a fun fourth! I missed going this year. Glad you had fun!

wild murdocks said...

Sounds like a marathon of 4th of July fun! You're a busy mom!