Jul 18, 2008


Regan had to work a half shift from 6 to 12 a.m so after work we got a wild hair and decided to go to breakfast. We ventured over to Ihop but soon found out that it only stays open till 12:00 on weekdays. Who knew!!! We were already away from home and really wanting to have a grand slam breakfast so we took off for Village Inn , surely they stay open 24 hrs. right.......WRONG. So where else.. oh ya DENNY'S...and yes they are open 24/7. There was a line even. So we had a little breakfast and took a few pictures and laughed at how old and tired and funny we look!!! The picture below looks like Regan hasn't slept in a week and I look like a special needs person that he is taking care of. We were on the floor laughing at this picture.
We didn't make it home till about 2:30 am. so after some rest and hanging out most of the day we headed off to have some dinner at Archibald's. The reason that we went there was for nostalgia purposes. That was where we went on our first date/dance...the ever popular Christmas dance 19 yrs. before. We talked about how weird it is to have known each other this long and how we fell so hard for each other and that we both feel like we are still FALLING..... We are still so much in love and really enjoy being together. We laugh alot and just like to be silly and I love that. We feel so lucky and blessed to have each other in our lifes. We feel like we were made for each other. We just FIT!!! It was a really fun and mellow anniversary. Just a day to suit us both.


Chalan said...

Happy Anniversary! Wow, 17 years! I remember when you guys were dating and I would sit up talking to you guys when you would come up to our house- crazy! Glad you had a good day! You guys were made for each other. I'm glad I get to have such a fun sister- in- law!!

Emilee said...

It sounds like a great anniversary. I agree; you guys are a great fit for each other. Happy Anniversary!

wild bri said...

Congratulations Gub and Mena

You guys are lucky to have each other. We all know that Regan is the special needs person that needs to be taken care of though.

We still need to get together this summer or fall.

Caleb said...

Gongxi. Or in other words, congratulations. Where is Archibald's? I don't know where that is.

miranda said...

Happy Anniversary!