Jul 28, 2008


I celebrated my 37th birthday this week by having a shin ding with my family playing on the lake. I'm not sure how I have come to be 37 but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it!!

Aubrey and Darby enjoying some time on the water.

Mckray wanted to go off the rope swing but not alone so here he is piggy backing with his dad.

Getting ready to jump.

Juju making sure that Darby had her life jacket on.
Safety first!!

Thanks mom for throwing such a great party for me. Thanks to all who came and celebrated my big day.


Emilee said...

Mena, Looks like a fun party! The life jacket on Darby is way cute!

wild murdocks said...

Happy Birthday Mena! Looks like you had a lovely day!

mattandmarcee said...

Happy Birthday Mena!! I love seeing all of the fun things you are doing. When will I see St. George pics on your blog from coming to visit? You need to come down!! I know how busy life is but you always have a room here.

Chalan said...

Happy Birthday Mena! Glad you had a fun birthday! I actually did think about you on the 24th. Wow - 37, I thought you were 27? Definitely look closer to 27. :) Happy Birthday!! Love ya!!