Jul 22, 2008


It is the 3rd year that our kids have taken swim lessons with "Miss. Debbie." She is an amazing teacher but the kids have a love-hate relationship with her because she pushes them just beyond their comfort zone.

Juju learning how to knee dive.
Bridger in pefect form!Mckray conquering the diving board.
Mckray had to swim the length of the pool this year without stopping and it made him very nervous. We talked to him about doing his best and I told him that he could pray for help. As I was driving to lessons I turned around to check on him and this is what I saw.


After going over putting technique the coach lined up the kids for one try at about a 12 foot putt. Mckray was the only one to sink the putt so the coach took him in the club house and let him pick out a candy bar. THE LOOK ON HIS FACE AND THE STRUT IN HIS WALK AFTERWARDS WERE PRICELESS.It was his first earnings as a golfer!!NICE FORM!!!!!! The golf course is doing a Jr. golf league for the rest of the summer. Once a week they can go up in the morning and play with the other kids. Mckrays age group plays 5 holes and gets lunch at the clubhouse. This has really been the highlight of his summer.


Emilee said...

What fun summer activites. I am excited for my kids to start fun things like that.
We will just have to start calling Mckray Jr. Tiger.

Chalan said...

way to go Mckray! I'm going to have to start calling him Tiger. Looks like fun swimming lessons. I am going to have to try her next year. Looks like a fun summer! :) Love the prayer in the back seat.

Emilee said...

Happy Birthday Mena!!! Only one day away from the best birth-day of the year LOL!

(Posted on July 24th)

Caleb said...

First earnings as a golfer. Nice. Maybe this is a sign of a long wealthy future career.