Jul 16, 2008


Regan and I hadn't been ice blocking for years so we thought it would be fun to take the kids and let them try it. We invited the Hopkins, bought some blocks of ice and set off to Rock Canyon Park.
Getting a wet butt was part of the experience.
Getting ready for a little healthy sister competition!!!
The boys named their blocks of ice.

Mckray's: Lightning McQueen

Bridger's: Ice Breaker

Uncle Bob: Blue Cruizer

Regan: Screamin' Eagle

Bridger had amazing technique.

Click here to watch the "Screamin' Eagle" in action.


Bridger said...

that was very fun. ice breaker was super fast.

Caleb said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I've never been ice blocking. I need to do that before I die.

wild murdocks said...

Oh my, it brings back memories--both the ice blocking and the "ice, ice, baby" song!

Love the wet hiney picture!

Emilee said...

I heard this song playing in the other room last night. Caleb told me it was on your blog. I couldn't wait to check out your post. Very appropriate.
I have never been ice blocking, but it looks fun. Maybe we will have to go with you guys sometime.

Chalan said...

Looks like fun! We need to do that! Your kids are so cute! Mena, who won? you or your sister?

mena said...

Chalan we were having so much fun I truelly don't remember who won!!! I think the whole Palfrey clan needs to do this together. We had a blast

Shaun & April said...

Seriously? Seriously? You need the "Mother of the Year" award. I am starting to feel like a loser of a mom when I check out all the things you do with your kids...
You are amazing!