Jul 11, 2008


We spent the day swimming at the reservoir and soaking in the sun.Peace, love and happinessTwo bathing beauties!!!!Mama and the littles.

The two boys enjoying being outside.
We missed Bridger swimming, he went to stay with his cousin for a couple days. It seems like it just keeps getting harder and harder to have the WHOLE family together. We are hitting a new phase of life where our kids aren't always with us. We don't see that changing anytime soon so we will just take advantage and really enjoy it when we are ALL together.


Emilee said...

Hey! You took the uni-bomber swimming with you. Cool!

Chalan said...

Cute pictures! I love seeing journey and mckray- sometimes it reminds me of me and cabes. Fun times! Bummer Bridger wasn't there.

Bridger said...

Looks like I missed out in a lot of fun. Glad you guys had fun.