Jun 23, 2008


Summer is now in full swing, we celebrated the longest day of the year swimming, barbecuing and canoeing!!!
Ponds and places like this are few and far between here in Utah.
Don't we look cute!!!
The paddle boat king!!!!
Aubrey missed out on the pond due to work, but she made it for air guitar in the barn afterwards.
We had an amazingly relaxing fun time. We are looking forward to many more like it this summer


Chalan said...

Mena- you guys sure do fun stuff- looks like fun! Glad you made the most of the longest day- impressive! As always- cute photos. :)

Shaun & April said...

Seriously, you need like the "most adventurous" mom award or something. You guys are always on some "adventure." Maybe you need to rub off on me, it's always the same'old, same'old... Looks fun.

Emilee said...

A summer solistice celebration. Leave it to Mena to think of a welcome summer party. Great idea! The perfect way to welcome one of my favorite times of the year. More than anything I love the activites that accompany summer. Your party seems like the best way to kick of the summer.