Jun 13, 2008


Juju decided that she wanted to do a lemonade stand so she raided the pantry and set up shop on the front yard. It was so cute because there wasn't a soul in sight and she is chanting to the top of her lungs "drinks 25 cents, cookies 2 quarters" she is singing this over and over again.
I guess the singing worked because not too long after we had kids showing up with their two quarters ready to purchase whatever she was selling.
Juju brought in a very impressive $3.50. Not bad for about 15 mins. on the clock.
This is the NEW bike that Juju and her dad went and picked out today. She has not gotten off of the thing all day. Pretty snazzy hot pink, don't you think!!!! I remember my first big girl bike, it was a yellow banana seat bike. Those were some good times. I hope that Juju will have as much fun as I did on mine.


Emilee said...

Hey Mena,
You posted while I was commenting on your other post. Pretty cool. I love Journey's new bike. My first bike was called "sweet pea" it had a puke green banana seat. It was so cool.

Chalan said...

Fun new bike! Love the pink. I remember my banana seat- fun times. I must say hers looks a little cooler. :)