Jun 30, 2008


We have decided that every Monday we will try and go on some little hike that we haven't ever done. Today we hiked up the Red Lake Trail. It is a really pretty hike but I recommend not hiking in the heat of the day like we did. It was a cooker but that was the only draw back of the trip... that and the disappointment of what the lake ended up looking like..it was nothing more than a glorified watering hole for all the cattle up there but still it was a great hike.

This is NOT Red Lake this is Maple Lake which was not far from the bottom by the parking lot. We all had a really good time. Next week we will get out in the early morning or wait till the cool of the evening.


Gubba said...

Nice job on the post. Great day. It never ceases to amaze me how you can find someplace new to discover right in your own backyard

Chalan said...

Cool goal- i love the hike idea for fhe, looks like fun, enjoying beautiful nature. fun pictures as always! :)