Jun 27, 2008


The scouts held the ever popular PINEWOOD DERBY. This was Mckray's first year being able to enter a car and needless to say he was thrilled . Mckray is such a go getter and worked really hard building his car. He came up with the design, color, sanded it, worked right beside his dad and took in every word Regan said to him, he wanted to learn all there was to know about building this car and he is so lucky to have such a good teacher.Here is the finished product. He was so proud!!!This was Mckray's first time helping with the flag ceremony. I was so proud!!Visions of winning danced in his head.Here they come!!!!

Mckray didn't end up having the fastest car but he did win the "HOTTEST" car award!!! He said the cutest thing when we got in the car. " Mom, the hottest doesn't mean like hot as in a girl is HOT, it just means that I had the coolest looking car... right mom."


Emilee said...

LOL! Mckray is such a sweetheart. He says the best things.

Caleb said...

Cool-looking Car, McKray. It looks a lot like one of the ones I made except mine was painted silver. Good job!!!

Chalan said...

Good job Mckray! Impressive- looks like fun. :)