Jun 19, 2008


While we were at the park Mckray spotted a crawdad hiding in this tube. So the kids decided they wanted to catch it.......so the hunt began.

Juju trying to coax it out with a healthy snack.Bridger trying to wait patiently until he came out.Aubrey trying to get a better view.Here he comes get ready.......We caught the little sneaky bugger... finally!!
He's so cute I could just kiss him.
Make peace with it not war.
Juju as happy as a clam...I mean crawdad.
He never took his eyes off those pincher's. We fed it good and showed it a good time.
A few of the kids wanted to take it home and keep it as a pet, the other's wanted to let it go..so we let it go. I don't think crawdad's make good pets.

It was a very successful afternoon of crawdad huntin'.


Chalan said...

Love it!! That is the best. Way to turn an ordinary event into something memorable. and I must say quite impressive!

Emilee said...

Wow a crawdad at the park! Good eye whoever found it. That is so fun the whole family goes to the park together.

Tahsha said...

how cute is your family? we miss you in YW. did the dr. ever find anything new about you arthritis stuff?
hope all is well!