Jun 16, 2008


Reason why you are the GREATEST DAD!!!!!!
Juju thinks your the GREATEST because:
You take me on horse rides alot.
I like you because you are so funny.
You have a really cool job.

Mckray thinks you the GREATEST because:

You are very helpful.

You are nice to me.

You like to play golf

Bridger thinks your the GREATEST because:

You put forth a lot of effort

You do fun activities with us.

You sacrifice your time for us.

Aubrey thinks your the GREATEST because:

You watch sports with me.

You are great on the BBQ.

You are a really hard worker.

I think you are the GREATEST because:

You give me and the kids an enormous amount of love everyday.

You call from work everyday just to check on your family.

You have given our kids what I didn't have and we are all so lucky to have you in our life. We all love you and wish you a Happy Father's Day!!!


Emilee said...

Happy Father's Day Gubba! I can tell you are a great dad!

wild murdocks said...

What a sweet tribute, for a sweet dad!

Chalan said...

Gubba is an excellent dad if I say so myself. What a great brother and what a nice tribute to such a fun dad- way to go Mena! Happy Father's Day Gub!

Gubba said...

Thanks for the nice compliments, with a Wife and kids like I have it makes it pretty easy!!!!

matvo said...

#1 Dad? Phooey! Just a little presumptious Palfreyman.