May 2, 2008


So last night we get everyone to bed, I'm checking e-mails, hanging out till it's my bedtime. I get ready to go to sleep and do my nightly check of all the kids and who do I find in the hallway fast asleep in her "princess" sleeping bag but our "princess" Juju. She is so funny, she never made a sound she is just sacked out. Regan thought it would be fine to leave her there. I couldn't do it so we put her back in her and bed and she was none the wiser. Arent' kids just the best, I mean never would you wake up and find that Regan and I decided to sleep in the hall in our sleeping bags. You would find us in sleeping bags under the stars but never in the hall. Maybe I should try it, Maybe, just maybe, she knows something that we don't.


Shaun & April said...

It's just the nearness of you... I remember having bad dreams and Mom sending me back to bed, only to sneak out with my pillow and blanket and sleep next to her door or even by the side of her bed. It helps the bad dreams go away?? I think

Emilee said...

Kids are great! They never cease to bring a smile to my face. I think what I love the most about them is their enthusiasm about being alive and experiencing many things for the first time.
Yes, I finally started my blog. ChaIan sent me an email about her blog. I viewed hers and then linked to yours and decided to start my blog right then.
I guess I was a secret blogger. However, I was planning on telling you about it at Sunday dinner.
Thanks for the new addiction. I find myself checking other people’s blogs for updates almost everyday.
By the way who has the photography skills in your family? You have such great pictures. They look professional.

Caleb said...

I never knew you had such issues with ear wax and ear cleanliness. You married into the wrong family. The Palfreymans are famous for their extra saliva, earwax and tonsil size. Ha Ha Ha

Chalan said...

Journey is so cute- I can totally relate because that is just the type of thing Blythe would do. I love your new music- creative! Your blog always looks so cute. Love the pictures of the kids. I'm with Emilee- do you take those or your mom?