May 26, 2008



What unpredictable weather!!!! We arrived Friday, up Sheep Creek to a blanket of fresh snow, we weren't sure that we wanted to stay but thought we would brave the cold. It ended up being pretty good weather, we enjoyed all the 4 seasons in one camp trip. We had a Ton of good food, good southern food that is. Ham, butta' beans and black eyed peas, bbq chicken, baked beans and so on. The last morning we awoke to rain which let up for a couple of hours. Then the next wave came in, a major HAIL storm so we packed up and got the HAIL out of there. Despite the inclement weather we made some wonderful memories.


Emilee said...

What a fun reunion!

Caleb said...


In the first picture, which one is you, and which one is your sister? Or is it your sister? I didn't know you had an identical twin.

wild murdocks said...

I can't believe the crazy cold weather! I'm glad you all still had fun.

Chalan said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend! Fun pictures- way to brave the weather!