May 27, 2008


Yes, we had yet another graduation. This time it was Bridger's turn. He just completed the 6th grade. He is finished with elementary and on his way to Jr. High...yes I said Jr. High. It may not be hard for any of you to believe but it is really hard for us to believe. Our kids have hit an age where everything is changing faster than we can process it. We are having a blast but time is just going way too fast sometimes. I guess the best thing to do is hold on and enjoy the ride!!!!! Bridger is such a cool cat and we are so proud of him. We expect great thing out of this smart kid. Keep up the good work and keep up the good grades and you will go far. Check out the cool outfit her wore, he looks alot like Angus Young from AC/DC doesn't he? With his shirt and tie and shorts and flip flops. He isn't much on dressing up so this is what he wanted to wear. What a little rebel!!! I can't imagine where he got that from......can you????


wild murdocks said...

What a cute kid!

Emilee said...

Congratulations Bridger! I dig the outfit.

Chalan said...

Way to go Bridger! wow, can't believe he is that old. Love the outfit!