May 13, 2008


My brother in law Travis is officially "OVER THE HILL" today, he turned the big 4.....0..... I would love to razz him and make all kinds of funny wise cracks about his age but unfortunately I am not much younger than he is so I guess I will just leave it at Happy Birthday Travis, I love ya, from one old fart to another!!!!!!!!


mattandmarcee said...

Happy Birthday Travis!! If you read this hope you had a great birthday, you're in Matt's club now, you guys are soooooooo old!! (are you ever going to get a blog?)

wild bri said...

I am disturbed. Travis is not much older than us how can he be 40? I am pretty sure I am only 26 plus or minus 10 years. Happy B Day Travis.I still remember driving around with Travis and his cool friends in the Audi going way to fast.