May 4, 2008


Our friend Frank completed his master's in Education Administration.(way to go!!!!) We decided to go celebrate with no kids for the weekend. Enjoyed a yummy meal at Baja Cantina.
We watched the big game, it's a good thing Angie wore her "lucky" Jazz p.j's cause they won!!!
The cabin was quickly converted into "Angie's Cut and Curl". She gave us some much needed color and cuts. No color for Regan just a cut. Thanks Angie we owe you big time. Don't I look snazzy? All is well ,I have my beverage and a color who could ask for anything more.
If you like pina' colada's and getting caught in the rain.
Here's to good friends.
Regan after a few too many drinks.
Who farkelled?

Frank and Angie showed no mercy while playing 31. They took us for a good $10.00 (a special fund has been set up in our behalf; donations are appreciated.) What a great get away with good friends. Frank try and lay off the sen sen. wink, wink


Chalan said...

looks like you had a fun weekend! Like the hair cut pictures. I'm up for planning cheesecake factory- i'll eat there anytime. glad you had a fun weekend!

Emilee said...

Looks like a great weekend at the cabin. Since you guys are so good at playing 31 maybe Caleb and I could take you on sometime -wink;
-wink. We can always use a little extra cash.