May 20, 2008


Baseball season has officially started. Journey is playing T ball this year her team is called the "BAT GIRLS". What a way cool name, don't ya think? This is her running to 3rd base.
AHHHHHHH isn't she the gatorade poster girl. She ask her dad if he could bring home some Gatorade and wanted the red kind but she told him that he could bring home which ever color was the cheapest....Can you tell we are starving students...So sweet though.
Mckray giving the boys a pep talk. You have no idea how competitive this little kid is. Sports are his life and he gives it his all. He is all business on the field and thinking ahead of the game all the time. He is on the "RAMS" team which at first he was really upset because they aren't a major league team but once we convinced him that they are a minor league team he mellowed out a little.
Mckray during warm ups making a great catch.
2 games down
22 more to go
Priceless moments


Emilee said...

Mena, Your kids are just awesome! I love the last picture.

Chalan said...

Looks like you've got a fun summer ahead. Cute pictures. Love the "bat girls"- cute name. Didn't know Mckray was so competitive.:) Hope they have fun!