May 7, 2008


Regan started his new job tonight. He will be working on the Medical/Oncology floor at the hospital. He will work the night shift and if any of you know Regan he has a hard time staying awake so lets hope he doesn't fall asleep on the job...... He will do great, I love him for being such a hard worker. Good luck Honey!!!!
Bridger wanted to make him a lunch. Notice the lunch box, He thought it would be funny if his Dad took a kid lunch box to work. He is such a joker.
How sweet.........he left him a note in his lunch.

To Bridger's surprise Regan took the lunch box to work with pride!!!!! What a good Dad!!!!


Caleb said...

Good Luck Gub!

Shaun & April said...

Wait to go! You are my inspiration. Maybe I should think about a job... since we only have one semester left?? Congrats and good luck on staying up.

Emilee said...

What a sweet kid and good dad.
Regan looks so offical in his scrubs. Good Luck!

wild murdocks said...

Way to go Reagan, you'll make a great nurse! My sister is a cath lab nurse at Timp, and has been an ER and ICU nurse. Where do you want to end up?

wild bri said...

Congratulations Gubba
Good Luck with the new occupation.
Crazy seeing Frank and Angie on your blog. Any news about Metcalf moving to Reno? Where did Andre hunt for his turkey?

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