Apr 1, 2009


Can you guess who made a microscope?

Yeah, it's Mckray.
clever idea.

He had to do a presentation in class about his microscope and I ask if I could come.
He said
"Nah, I can go by myself."
"Are you sure?" I asked
"Yep "

sniffle..... sniffle
I really wanted to go but I guess he wanted to do this one on his own.


Sweet Caroline said...

What a cool idea. How did he make it? And, why? Was there like a little mini science thing at school? Sorry. I always have to know all the details so my head can play the movie.

So, maybe we can find you a Halloween costume to wear and you can sneak in to the classroom...he won't notice...

Let me dig through my closet and see if I have any I can Western Union you.

Meanwhile, proud of YOU for raising him not to be a sissy boy. Oops. Did I say that?

Sweet Caroline said...

OKay...Max and I have been digging through all the costumes in my closet. I noticed all the "good" ones are gone...so maybe you can lend those back to me? :)

I couldn't find one that would work, cause I realized with a magnifying glass, he might "spot" you. Sorry.

BTW: I love the pictures of your kids. Especially the cool one of Aubs. Is she just the full package, or what? Edgy, good girl, and beautiful! Oh, and INDEPENDENT. Sorry to use that word again.

Gubba said...

Way to go Mack Daddy!! Love the new layout Mean!!!

Emilee said...

Cool pictures. How did he make that? Very impressed.

craig and jill said...

How neat for Mckray and yet how sound for you. It is so hard to have them grow up and get independent and yet that is what we all what. He is such a great kid! I love it when he comes and plays.