Apr 4, 2009



Tales from Arabian Nights
Bridger Palfreyman

the royal guard
and his main role
The goblin

Bridger joined the community theater in September.

After months of practicing and dress rehearsals he was ready for opening night.
Both grandparents were in attendance.
Much love to you all who supported Bridger for his big night.

Bridger has caught the acting bug and is sad to see this play come to an end. He is looking forward to trying out for summer shows.
Aubrey was proud to see that her not so little brother carrying on the tradition of performing in the theater.
Bridger is a quiet, shy kid and it is fun for Regan and I to see him breaking out of his shell and doing something that he loves and is really good at.

Watch out Hollywood,
you may just see him on the big screen someday.


Emilee said...

Wow! I didn't know he was in a show. I would have come to watch it. I have always admired people who were willing to get on stage and perform. Go Bridger! I am not am not sure if Bridger or Aubrey would be interested, but a friend of a friend is putting on an acting workshop. Here is the website to my friend's blog that tells about it. http://karynmann.blogspot.com/

Sweet Caroline said...

Nice! Would we expect anything less from a Palfreyman? That is a cool costume. It looks like it is metal and I can play with magnets on his head.

I can't believe how tall he is...Misty is so excited to see him in two weeks. He looks like he is taller than she is.

You just have great kids. Ok? Let's all just own it. They.are.great.kids.