Apr 29, 2009


So, for awhile now we had tried to take Aubrey on her "special" date with mom and dad.
This has not been an easy thing to do, with her ever so fun and busy social life, but finally we were able to pick a day that she didn't have anything more fun to do.
I mean really, she likes us, but friends come first, can you blame her?
As with the other kids she got to pick what we did on this date. She wanted to go to P.F Chang's and do some shopping.
We had a delightful time sipping on some herbal tea at the Chang's and eating and chatting about life and such.
After dinner we headed to do the important shopping. Regan is really such a good dad
He just sat back very patiently and let her do her thang of trying on LOADS and LOADS of cloths.
Love ya much sweetness.
You are made of solid gold.
After Aub picked out just the right outfit. I reached in my purse to get something and my camera got tangled up and came CRASHING down on the very hard floor. Batteries went flying and it all happened so quickly. I picked up all the pieces and put them back together but ,it won't turn on.
I broke my camera.
I am so sad.
But, a broken camera is nothing compared to the fun that we had hanging out and having a good time.
We love, love, love you Aubs
you are:
beautiful inside and out
so funny
fun to hang out with
full of love
the kind of girl that will do anything for others
and much much more
Never forget that we LOVE you.
We are lucky and blessed that we get to be your parents.


Emilee said...

I am sorry about your camera. That is horrible. I am glad that yours and Aubreys and Regans schedules finally aligned. It sounds like a great date.

Nikki and Ray said...

You are such an awesome mom! I just love reading your blog, you all are just so FUN!

Chalan said...

Looks like fun- what a fun tradition with your kids. Sorry about your camera!- major bummer!

Sweet Caroline said...

I know this is your post: but, Misty is now home-schooled (too liberal lifestyle) which means she gets to explore trails with me while the world is indoors. It is absolutely priceless. The talks we have...the moments we share...

And, you must know that Aubs is her idol. When there are situations she is unsure about- we actually don't ask, "What would Jesus do?" We ask, "What would Aubrey do?" True story.

Aubrey has showed Misty that you can be edgy, but also a good girl. She has inspired her more than I think we ever shared with your family.

The talks that Aubrey and I had helped me understand things that I can help Misty with. (Especially they moving on to other friends part awhile back..)

So, Aubrey: Thank you. The little part in Young Womens where they tell ya people are watching? Yeah, it's true. Very true. Thanks for being a superb example.

Sorry about your camera--perhaps and excuse to buy a new one? :)