Apr 22, 2009


2 things
*use reusable bags.
Keep them in your car at all times and you are always ready.
If you purchase just one or two items just say no to a plastic bag.
*use a reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic water bottles.
Remember, every little bit helps.
What are you doing to keep our earth beautiful??


Sweet Caroline said...

I re-use my milk containers from Costco. I make laundry soap and place it in those. And, after that, I fill the containers up with water, and store it. It has a nice soapy water mixture as a back-up if there is a disaster and there is no water to clean our hands.

I re-use my Clorex wipe containers by putting leftovers in it. Much better than the storage containers you can buy at the store.

My main interior rug is made out of plastic bottles. And, it is so fabulous, you wouldn't even know!

I think old grain sacks are very hip for holding groceries.

I re-use my kid's sandwich baggies and tin foil for their lunches.

I have discovered that reusing things is a lot more fun when you think outside the box.

mena said...

NIce work girl. love the making your own laundry soap. Very nice indeed.