Mar 30, 2009


someone with two different shoes on.
I received a phone call the other day from Reg telling me that in the wee hours of the morning, he had gone into our dimly lit closet, grabbed his shoes and went to work. Upon arriving, Regan noticed he had mismatched shoes on.
I am glad that no one else noticed. (at least no one said they noticed)
Mostly, I want him to know that this is another reason why I adore him so much.


Emilee said...

LOL! Yup, I have done that same thing. Unfortunately I didn't have a middle of the night shift to blame it on.

Chalan said...

Pure Palfreyman!

mena said...

You think Chal?!?!

Sweet Caroline said...

He is so funny, he could spin it to look meant to be.

I am glad he wasn't wearing your heels on one foot and a boot on another.

Then, we would worry.


Shaun and April said...

Too funny! He should have asked everyone if they missed the memo for the "Mismatched Shoes" day!!

tina said...

Haha, or he could have come to labor and delivery and borrowed some O.R. shoe covers. LOL