Apr 27, 2009


Over the weekend I made 50 pints of yummy strawberry jam.
I'm not sure why simple little stuff like making jam on a snowy day makes me so happy
but it really does.
I love my simple little life.


wild bri said...

Nothing better than homemade jam, I'll take 5 pints.

Chalan said...

Yum, can I buy one?

mena said...

Buy one??? You silly goose. I will gladly give you some.

craig and jill said...

I agree with you. Strawberry jam is the best. I just made a bunch over spring break. Mena, thank you for the we are bored pic. It is so fun! Sara will laugh which is what she needs. Thank you again for everything. Love ya

Emilee said...

I love homemade jam. I need to get busy with mine.