Apr 20, 2009


We decided to go somewhere exotic for spring break, or so it may appear.
We actually happened on to this hidden treasure not much more than a mile away from our house.
We had seen the trail head many times and finally decided to see where it led.
What a surprise!!
We felt like we were in a tropical paradise with moss covered limestone alcoves and beautiful miniature waterfalls created by some fresh springs that fed into the river. Just two days prior to this we had a late spring storm that laid several inches of snow down. It was hard to believe that we were now wading up the creek with perfect temperatures.
Ya gotta love UTAH!!!!!

Some of the wildlife we saw:
A butterfly, A water snake, and A leech that had latched onto Mckray's toe. He was not worried about it at all but Juju didn't like the leech thing one bit.
A sensational day


Tahsha said...

Where is this? It's so beautiful!

Sweet Caroline said...

I think I know where that is...? I love love the picture of Aubs under the waterfall. Oh my gosh, it was beautiful! You are making me miss it...

And, I have never seen a leach before. I have been with one or two when I was a teenager, but I never saw one up close!


craig and jill said...

What a fun day! You have the most darling family. I love how you are always going on hikes and doing such fun things!

Chalan said...

Cool- I want to go there!! Neat pics! lOOKS LIKE FUn!