Mar 3, 2009

THE 3 D's


MARCH 2, 1904

Dads, Donuts and Dr. Seuss Day

Mckray and Journey came home last week all excited about Dads and Donuts day and asked if Regan could come. When Regan told Mckray that he had to work that day, our cute little boy tried to fight back the tears. (unsuccessfully)
Regan, being the great dad that he is, changed his schedule so that he could be there.
Our kids are so lucky to have a dad that wants to be involved in everything that they do.
We are thankful that he has a job that is flexible.

I love you honey. xoxo

1 comment:

Sweet Caroline said...

Gosh, that is so sweet. More importantly, you have this as a proof in case the kids think he "was never there!"

" are NEVER there!"

"Oh.wait.just.a.minute! Let's go to the storage shed and retrieve all the blog entries over the years.."

Honestly, like, duh! That would never happen in your family. However, it was fun to put your archives in a junky storage unit!