Mar 18, 2009


Then you have been invited to join Journey's Song "Clud."
You will be "righting" your own songs too.

Thursday was a disappointment for Journey because no one showed.
But thankfully the word got out and two of her fellow song writers came and busted out some songs on Friday. She set out treats for her guest and was the perfect host.

I love your enthusiasm for life and your love of music .
One day we might just see you on stage singing your own songs.
Dream Big!


Chalan said...

Wow, Impressive Journey!! Looks like fun!

Sweet Caroline said...

I totally would have showed. I even could have sported a rockin microphone! We would have hooked up a speaker system in the hood and everybody would have heard us for miles!

Now, it may have been more of a rap, but, we'd been so dialed in, the ghetto-haters would have wanted to join our group.

Maybe next time... :(

Look forward to seeing her on stage!

craig and jill said...

Sorry, Nicole wanted to come over, but she had dance, and then on Friday she fell asleep right after school. If Journey does it again, we will be there.

Emilee said...

That is too cute. We will be doing some Kareoke at the reunion this year. I can't wait to see her performance.