Mar 13, 2009


It's bowling night with the Hops & Palfrey's.

It could very well get CRAZY up in here.

Good form....
but we all really suck.
Still had a great time.

After the wonderful show that we put on at the bowling alley we needed to cool down with a hot fudge sundae at McDonald's.
Oh and an apple pie too.
2 for 1.00
what a value!!!

Two pea's in a pod.


Sweet Caroline said...

Only you guys can make a simple game of bowling and McDonalds look like a blast! Love your hat you are wearing! So cute! And, the best? This disco song you got playin'. Where's the lighted dance floor when you want one these days? :)

mena said...

Where are you??? I can't find you! reinventing yourself I'm sure. I need to find you.....unless you don't want me to find you then I will have to be happy with you saying hi to me on my blog. Whichever I will be waiting and wondering:) Love ya crazy girl!

Sweet Caroline said...

I am so all or, I decided to post my "all" on my blog. I cancelled my blog thinking it was time to be in the real world-however, I figured I can do both, right? :)

Love you, too!

Chalan said...

Looks like you've been having fun. Love the main photo! Cute date nights with your kids.

Emilee said...

Leave it to you guys to make bowling so much fun. Cute pictures. How was the open house? I have wanted to go see it, but haven't made it there yet.