Mar 20, 2009


I love date night with my sweetness.
I love our favorite restaurant Octavio's.
I love to set in a private corner with him and hold hands and talk and laugh.
I love brochette.
I have to order it every time we go.

I love to order our favorite dish and share it.
I love that after all these years of coming here we still don't know how to pronounce it correctly.

I love to be serenaded by our buddy the accordion player.
I love that we both are hopeless romantics.

I love spending an evening with this guy.

I love....him deeply.


Gubba said...

I love you too!!

Chalan said...

Wow- you two are romantic!! Looks like a good dinner! Kind of weird that that's my brother though! :)

Sweet Caroline said...

If there are two people made for each other it is you two. So refreshing to see.

Okay, I am so jealous I can hardly breathe! Look at the way he is looking at you...

Ken looks at me intensely too: Usually when I have spent all the money, or inform him we should move to another place, or when I ask him if he wants to go out at 12:00 am.

Same look.

Different meaning! :)

You look really good in these pics, too.

Nikki and Ray said...

You guys are just to cute!!! I love that place too, so yummy!

Emilee said...

Nothing beats a great date with the one you love. Cute pics.