Feb 28, 2009


We live in a beautiful world and some of that beauty was captured in photos that are on display right now at the Monte L. Bean Museum. My mom entered a few photos in the show. She came home with an honorable mention for her dragonfly piece.(top picture)
Mom, I am really proud of you for putting yourself out there to be judged on your craft. I know it has to feel great to be recognized for something that you love to do.
Thanks for sharing your love of nature with us.
Keep up the good work
We are really proud.


Ashlie said...

Looks like you had a great time!

I love your layouts with all of your totally adorable pictures. I loved the Valentine's layout and this for St. Patty's day just made me laugh! I love it.

-Ashlie (Norman)

mena said...

Thanks Ashlie...We are a bunch of nuts.

Emilee said...

I love going to your blog each new month. So festive. You are such a creative "nut." You must have inheirited some of you mother's artistic talents. I wish I lived in Provo. I would love to go see her work in person.

wild murdocks said...

Nice photo's! I especially love the pictures of the little leprichan's on the sidebar!