Oct 9, 2008


Rules... go to "my pictures" post the 6th picture in the 6th folder then pass on the tag.This was Aubrey's 16th birthday party last year. We had it at the Mapleton barn and invited a ton of her friends. The theme was "sweet 16" so we had a "candy bar" set up with cotton candy and all of her favorite sweet treats. It was so fun to see her with all of her close friends enjoying her life. They danced all night to a DJ that we hired (that was a big hit.) She will be 17 in November and I can't believe how time flys . I love this girl so much, she hasn't given us TOO much trouble just the normal stuff and for that I am grateful (knocking on wood.) She is so fun to be around and has ALWAYS been so helpful to Regan and I. I can't imagine not having her around and I don't look forward to when she moves away. I will be sooo happy for her but I'll be sooo sad for me. I have one more year with her until she goes away to collage so we are going to enjoy every minute of it.
I tag April,Heidi,Tahsha,Tina

** We would play this song for Aubrey when she was little..on a record player no less , remember those. She would make us play it over and over and then she would look up at me and say "mom this guy really loves me huh."
Yeah Aubrey a ton of people love you!! **


Emilee said...

What a fun party. I still remember my sweet sixteen party. It was a suprise party with all my friends. I loved it. It sounds like Aubrey will have some of those same great memories. The "candy bar" is a very nice touch.
I agree, Aubrey is an incredible person. She must have some great parents.

Caleb said...

Sounds like a nice party. Thanks for the invite!