Oct 1, 2008


My oldest brother Kelly has been BEGGING Regan and I to come and see him drag his bike for years, and we FINALLY made it to one of his races. He was so happy that we came after all these years of him being so passionate about his drag racing. I am so glad that we did. It was fun and we got to meet alot of interesting people and do something that we have never done before. He did really well in the qualifying rounds but his bike was acting up in the final race. Sorry, Kelly I know that you wanted to do really well....(especially because your baby sister was there to cheer you on) I was so proud of you and I am so happy that you have a passion that you love. I love you very much and thanks for inviting us, we really did have a good time.
He drives a Harley Davidson street bike. The rest of the guys mostly race with drag motorcycles. He is a lover of a Harley and has another one that he drives around town with.
The next Drag race winner!!! Mckray really got in to it and it didn't surprise us at all because he loves anything that is competitive.
My brother is the one all in black.
The pit crew.
It was sooooo loud.Juju looking chic in her earphones. She wore them the intire time.The personal chefs and support team.


Emilee said...

That looks like a blast!!

Caleb said...

Hey, I didn't know they made Harleys that looked that way. Looks like an exciting and beautiful bike.